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Traditionally all honour boards were constructed from timber materials, some plain, others with more ornate trimmings.
With the age of computer, many manufacturing processes are easier to replicate and with this modern technology can ensure that repeats are all exactly the same, saving time, therefore costs, and this is especially relevant when fabricating with expensive materials.

We can manufacture today as well as all the conventional timbers, plywoods and veneers,with a greater choice of modern materials such as clear and coloured acrylics, stainless steel, toughned glass and other core materials.

When it comes to updating the honours annually, the computer ensures that each character and line of text is exactly as those previously used, so no longer do we see different styles and weights of stroke used when updated by hand, usually over the years, by different signwriters! - plus there is the advantage that we can supply direct from our workshop to you to apply, it is a very simple process (instructions can be supplied) therefore no waiting or expense of having a signwriter attend .

Please browse these webpages and we hope the help you require in choosing your honour board is here, should your question not be answered or if we can be of further help, please do not hesitate to make contact, and we will do our best to assist . . . . . so happy browsing . . . . . . and we do hope to hear from you soon, and to be of service in the near future!

We can only help you to decide on the correct honour board that displays your history for generations to come !